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kilim pillow cushion covers for a bohemian interior

Kilim Pillow Covers for a Bohemian Interior | Inanna Collection

Inanna is the earliest known Goddess of beauty and aesthetics. Inanna’s presence leads the aesthetics in our world. All the delicacy was created by her presence and beauty was performed for her. In this collection, we wish to convey the tradition of thanking Inanna and her touch on aesthetics.

Symbols communicate. They tell us stories and thousands of years’ beliefs and captivate various meanings about our ways of looking at the universe. Symbols are powerful and fascinating. They challenge our minds and open our imagination. Each motive and color in this collection carry rich meanings with it- which makes each Craft more meaningful and attractive. So many thoughts, desires and wishes were woven in these rugs. It is a form of art, a language that is not spoken. They whisper and reflect the beliefs, traditions and longing.

Wool, wooden tools, hands. Strings making knots. The beat of the tools. The rhythm of the art. These are the ritual of weaving tales on textile. Thousands of years old symbols of abundance, lovers, dreams, wishes, nature are knitted on the carpets to be used in good times. These carpets are in the dowries of young women, on the stone walls of the villagers' houses on the mountains of the Near East and Anatolia.

For our Inanna collection, we have chosen dominant and vivid colors such as red, purple or yellow combined with natural earth colors for you to feel the rich aura of the Mesopotamian and Anatolian spirit.

Because of the “recycled” and hand-made nature of our pieces, our pillow cases do not present a factory produced image and may have slight color and texture differences- an exclusive recycled tradition that makes each Inanna Collection craft unique and single.

Inanna brought aesthetics and beauty to the world and so will the Crafts in this collection to your interiors.