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Who is Immaru Crafts?

craftmanship of making kilim pillow rugs

Immaru. One of the earliest words we assigned to light. A word written down by the ancient Sumerians. Light is the essence of our lives, of civilizations, of our stories. Our tales began by the light. Our experiences and our stories form us- just as they inspire the art on our textile. In the world of mass, fast and machinery production, our wish is to step aside and remember. We highly respect and value traditional arts, artisans and crafts; as well as their rich stories.

We travel lands on which earliest civilizations lived: Anatolia, ancient Mesopotamia and the Near East. We lose ourselves tracking history- a common heritage for all of us regardless of where we are located now. We are enchanted by seeing how tales can be knitted and carried on for thousands of years in textile. We walk in the old bazaars, we work with the artisans who perform ancient traditional crafts using the original methods and styles- a unique cultural inheritance. Our passion is to spread the beauty of handcrafts and to contribute to the artisans, who spend all their lives to keep this tradition alive. Our desire is to encourage this craft further and to contribute to the artisans who continue this history.
We breathe history and arts. We pick unused vintage handmade kilim carpets from villagers and give life to them as pillow covers. Our passion allows us to recycle; to enable this ancient crafts stay alive and reach further lands. Our work helps us to economically support the locals -mainly women- who produce this art.

Immaru Crafts presents you the earliest designs, colors and tales that are being used for thousands of years on the Mesopotamian and Anatolian soil. This textile art was a part of the Sumerians’, Babylonians’, Hittites’, Greeks’, Romans’ interior; decorating the earliest civilizations' daily lives for countless years. This traditional and unique textile served numerous cultures of Mesopotamia and Anatolia and in return, its design and colors were enhanced by these cultures' stories.

Antique motives, each of which dictate a tale of love, desire, abundance or nature; color harmony that symbolize feelings and the origins are all woven by hands that took over the tradition from their ancestors, making each piece a unique work of art.

The wool is painted with root paints, which are plant based vivid colors. The paint and its application method have remained the same for thousands of years. The handwoven textile is still made in and coming to you from its original lands where it was born.

Our textile will bring the unique beauty of the earliest form of art to your interiors.

May abundance and beauty be present in our lives.

Immaru Crafts