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Handmade, vintage and oriental pillow covers from Persia and Anatolia.
Love and Union - Kilim Bohemian Pillow Cover
Love and Union - Kilim Bohemian Pillow Cover
Love and Union - Kilim Bohemian Pillow Cover
Love and Union - Kilim Bohemian Pillow Cover

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Love and Union - Kilim Bohemian Pillow Cover

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Cushion rug kilim 60,5 x 40,5 cm. For a Bohemian Interior

Two oppositely positioned- yet identical figures- mirroring each other in a combined harmony. Unity of love, the rhythm of life.

In the earliest myths of civilization, the opposites created unity and fertility. The Earth needs the Sun, as well as the Moon. Spring presents the new beginnings and Autumn ends these. However, without Autumn, Spring could not perform the rebirth. Sky and Earth had a sacred unification, and so did the male and the female. Life is created with harmony, love and balance.

In this handwoven rug pillow cover, the four vivid motives in the center are skillfully created by hands to eternalize this philosophy. Above, the motives representing the "tree of life" has been born parallel to these "Love and Unity" symbols.

We hope that our craft will bring your interior an epical aura of harmony.


60,5 cm x 40,5 cm.

Zipper on the back side.

Material: Wool and cotton.

Our pillow covers are crafted from decades old unused vintage handwoven kilim rugs. The coloring is natural plant based root colors. Due to this nature, the textile may show differences in its structure and color, and may be stringy in minor parts- which makes each piece unique, authentic and real. 

Product Care:

Please do not bleach, do not tumble dry or use detergents.

Use cold water to clean.