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Persian pillow covers: handmade, vintage and 100% unique. Handwoven kilim carpets turned into unique pillowcases.
The Treasure - Kilim Bohemian Pillow Cover
The Treasure - Kilim Bohemian Pillow Cover
The Treasure - Kilim Bohemian Pillow Cover

Immaru Crafts

The Treasure - Kilim Bohemian Pillow Cover

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Cushion rug kilim 49 x 49 cm. For a Bohemian Interior

Chests full of memories and traditions being carried to the new beginnings.

This is our second Craft made in the style of knitting that can only be found in a small district in central Anatolia. The tradition of making this handwoven rug is based on using fine lines and many vivid colors together. Since these are mainly made by young women, they reflect the inner world of these young, pure souls and their desires.

This vintage rug pillow cover has a chest figure in the center, which symbolizes the dowry box and whispers a girl’s desire to marry. On the top of the Craft, we see oppositely positioned ram’s horns representing fertility, heroism, power and masculinity.

Measurements: 49 cm x 49 cm

Material: Wool and cotton.

Zipper on the back side.

Our pillow covers are crafted from decades old unused vintage handwoven kilim rugs. The coloring is natural plant based root colors. Due to this nature, the textile may show differences in its structure and color, and may be stringy in minor parts- which makes each piece unique, authentic and real. 

Product Care:

Please do not bleach, do not tumble dry or use detergents.

Use cold water to clean.