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Persian pillow covers: handmade, vintage and 100% unique. Handwoven kilim carpets turned into unique pillowcases.
The Wish - Kilim Bohemian Pillow Cover
The Wish - Kilim Bohemian Pillow Cover
The Wish - Kilim Bohemian Pillow Cover
The Wish - Kilim Bohemian Pillow Cover

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The Wish - Kilim Bohemian Pillow Cover

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Kilim pillow rug 50 x 50 cm. For a Bohemian Interior

It is the time to bring awakening to this earth. So does 'The Wish' kilim pillow case tell.

In the old times, symbols were the communication tools via which the makers of these rugs transferred their wishes, desires, passions and feelings. These symbols reflect the wish of the young ladies who create them. In this unique pillow cover, the central sand clock figure symbolizes a young woman's hairband. If the hair is tied in the middle, it is time for the young lady and the gentlemen to unite for a new life. This unification means eternity and recreation of the beauty in our world. The triangular motives surrounding the hairband mean protection. The young lady wishes to have a beautiful and protected unification.

This unique piece will make you interior a desirable wish!


50 cm x 50 cm

Material: Wool and cotton.

Zipper on the back side.

Our pillow covers are crafted from decades old unused vintage handwoven kilim rugs. The coloring is natural plant based root colors. Due to this nature, the textile may show differences in its structure and color, and may be stringy in minor parts- which makes each piece unique, authentic and real. 

Product Care:

Please do not bleach, do not tumble dry or use detergents.

Use cold water to clean.